2018 MSR Members Dinner

When:  Aug 10, 2018 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (CT)
The MSR Community Dinner will be held on FRIDAY 10 August from 6-9pm at the High-Point Lounge (in the Highline Restaurant, 169 W. Kinzie St., Chicago, IL, 60610).

Registration for the dinner will be possible once the AOM PDW/Social Event registration site opens, but we wanted to make sure you reserve space in your calendar for this fun event. 

Hi-Point is a game lounge that features a variety of fun and engaging arcade games for guests. The space provides for new and vintage game-enthusiasts alike, including: skee ball, NBA Jam, pac man, special editions of pinball, donkey kong and WWF WrestleMania, among others. Come get your GAME ON! 

The cost will be 50$ USD, which includes food, tax, and tip, but does not include drinks. We do welcome last-minute guests, provided space is available.  Contact: Stacie Chappell at stacie.chappell@wne.edu, 413-588-8098 for more information. 


High-Point Lounge in Highline Restaurant
169 Kinzie Street
Chicago, IL 60610
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Stacie Chappell