MSR & Friends / MSR Plenary sessions AOM 2018

Improving lives - Experience, Compassion, Engagement
MSR Profiles at the Academy of Management 2018

This year, MSR & Friends, will bring together members of the AOM community to share and explore current, near-term, and possible long-term joint efforts we might identify. Here, we will be taking up MSR instress: current and future prospects for cooperative engagement with other Divisions and Interest Groups (Session 759). 

The next day is the Annual MSR Plenary. Together with the Distinguished Guest Speakers, MSR members and guests will focus on the inscape that characterizes our Academy Interest Group as three Distinguished Guest Speakers offer their witness on personal experience, compassion, and engagement for improving lives. We hope to introduce audience members to share their testimony, based on the results of a pre-conference survey. Other participants will of course be welcome, insofar as time permits (Session 996).

To help make the sessions more interactive, please take 10 minutes to complete the current membership survey on experience, compassion, and engagement, and help out the Interest Group by expressing an interest is serving as an MSR regional representative:

What tasks would be involved as an MSR regional representative? You will help decide.
So take the survey and think about saying yes to being a regional representative. 

Charlie Tackney