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  • Date: Friday, October 26, 2018 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (EDT) Information:  Please join the International Humanistic Management Association for a live online lunch and learn with Dr. Benito L. Teehankee as we discuss ethical wages and good jobs. Topic: ...

  • Please join the International Humanistic Management Association for a conversation with one of the most prominent thought leaders in management: Henry Mintzberg. He will present his latest thinking on Humanizing society by humanizing management and organizations. ...

  • to register click here or here: Eventbrite MSR Research Conversation - Charles Tackney/ Tom Culham ...

  • Dear Salar: See these two recent Journal of Managment, Spirituality, and Religion publications:  Charles Thomas Tackney, Stacie Chappell, Dan Harris, Kathryn Pavlovich, Eleftheria Egel, Richard Major, Mary Finney & James Stoner (2017) Management, ...

  • Greetings MSR members: I am happy to pass this invite along from a Danish researcher who is preparing a book and seeking interview prospects. Best, Charlie Tackney  Invitation:  My name is Maiken Piil, and I'm doing book research project about ...

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    Published by William L. Sparks

    This article examines the legacy and impact of Jerry B. Harvey on the field of organizational behavior in general, and on the author specifically. After a cursory review of some of Harvey’s most well-known and controversial writings, or “meditations” as he called them, the author recounts a very personal episode with Harvey during his time as a doctoral student at George Washington University. A detailed account of the exchange between teacher and student is provided, and the broader implications of this experience are explored.

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  • Improving lives - Experience, Compassion, Engagement MSR Profiles at the Academy of Management 2018 This year, MSR & Friends, will bring together members of the AOM community to share and explore current, near-term, and possible long-term joint ...

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