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Congratulations: Louis Baron, Veronique Rouleau, Simon Gregorie, and Charles Baron

  • 1.  Congratulations: Louis Baron, Veronique Rouleau, Simon Gregorie, and Charles Baron

    Posted 08-06-2018 21:40
    Our congratulations on your recent publication!

    Baron, L., Rouleau, V., Grégoire, S. & Baron, C. (2018). Mindfulness and leadership flexibility. Journal of Management Development, 37(2), 165-177.

    Data were collected from two samples: 100 active leaders from diverse economic sectors and 62 students pursuing an executive MBA degree.

    The results show that mindfulness is positively associated with the overall score for leader flexibility, and with its two dualities: self-assertive and directive vs collaborative and supportive, and long-term strategy vs short-term execution. Specifically, four of the five dimensions of mindfulness (nonreactivity, nonjudging, acting with awareness and describing) were positively correlated with the overall flexibility score.

    Practical Implications
    The results suggest that by developing mindfulness, managers might be better able to adapt their leadership style to the demands of different situations. To that end, interventions based on mindfulness are worthwhile options for use within organizations, particularly in the context of leadership development programs.

    While most models of leadership assume a linear relationship between certain leadership behaviors and performance, other voices suggest that effective leaders need to possess great behavioral flexibility so that they can adapt with agility to the multiple needs of the people and situations around them. Few studies have examined the factors that may play a role in leadership flexibility.


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