MSR Executive Committee Members

The 2019 - 2020 MSR Executive Committee Members: Each member is available and interested in hearing from you and answering questions  or exploring with you ideas that interest you - including but not limited MSR transformational teaching and learning, MSR research and MSR practices in all types of organizations.

MSR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE  2019 - 2020 – plus various appointed co-chairs.

Interest Group Chair 

Name: Charles Thomas Tackney Charles Thomas Tackney
Address: Copenhagen Business School
Management, Society, and Communications
Copenhagen Business School
Dalgas Have 15
Frederiksberg DK-2000
Work phone: (452) 465-4801
Fax / Email: +45-3815-3840 /

Interest Group Chair-Elect
Name: Stacie Chappell Stacie Chappell
Vancouver Island University
900 Fifth Street
Building 250
Nanaimo, BC V9R 5S5

Work phone: (250) 740-6178
Fax / email:
Interest Group Program Chair
Name: Chris Laszlo Chris Laszlo
Address: Case Western Reserve University
10900 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44106-7235

Work phone: (703) 759-2744
Fax / email:
Interest Group PDW Chair
Name: Nicholas Burton Nicholas Burton
Address: Northumbria university
Eagle Cottage
Chapel Street
YORK, N Yorks YO62 5UP
Work phone: 0044 1912273319
Fax / Email:

Past Interest Group Chair Michael Andreas Pirson - Fordham University 
Interest Group Treasurer  Denise M. Breaux-Soignet - University of Arkansas 
Interest Group Secretary Elizabeth Luckman - Gies College of Business
Interest Group Representative-at-Large Jyoti Bachani - Saint Mary's College of California
Interest Group Representative-at-Large Tom Elwood Culham - Simon Fraser University Beedie School of Business
Interest Group Representative-at-Large Payal Kumar - BML Munjal University
Interest Group Representative-at-Large Joan F. Marques - Woodbury University
Interest Group Representative-at-Large Benito Teehankee - De La Salle University
Interest Group Representative-at-Large Sang Won Byun - University of Minnesota
Interest Group Special Advisor Eleftheria Egel - Navigating Transformation (170) 247-9156
Interest Group Special Advisor Mary Finney - Ohio University (740) 590-9553
Interest Group Special Advisor Sunny Jeong - Wittenberg University (937) 327-7929
Interest Group Special Advisor Xiaoan Li - Fetzer Institute
Interest Group Special Advisor Richard Jackson Major - Institut De Gestion Sociale +33 432 802 180
Interest Group Special Advisor Judith A. Neal - Edgewalkers International (479) 871-9116
Interest Group Special Advisor James A F Stoner - Fordham University (212) 636-6178
Interest Group Special Advisor Julia Storberg-Walker - The George Washington University (202) 680-4173

Meet the New Officers of 2020: Spotlight on Julia Storberg-Walker, Payal Kumar and Ayesha Sengupta

The following have been elected to the Executive Committee:

  1. 5 year Leadership track: Julia Storberg-Walker
  2. Archivist/Secretary: Ayesha Sengupta
  3. Representative-at-Large for Communications: Payal Kumar
  4. Representative-at-Large for Research: Xiaoan Li
  5. Representative-at-Large for Technology: Sang Won Byun 

We will feature our new officers here to help members know them better.  Let's start with Julia and Payal!

Julia Storberg-Walker   
5 year Leadership track

1. Tell us a bit about yourself. What makes you tick as a person, generally? What 's a good day for you?

I come alive when I am in conversations with people and we all learn something new about the world and our relationship to it. I love conversations that are spacious and open; where genuine curiosity and unknowing exists. These types of conversations are not usually cultivated, especially in higher education, because in this context usually someone has a position to defend or an argument to win.

A good day for me starts with meditation or sacred reading/journaling/drawing, and then moves to walking my dog Buddy before it gets too hot outside. Then I have breakfast and work a few hours. Sometimes in the middle of the afternoon I take a break and take a NAP. Yes, a NAP. I'm trying to get all of my doc students to take naps, too. There's evidence that naps help your brain (and they are fun to take, too!). I work a few more hours then stop. In the spring and summer I love going into my garden to pick salad fixings. I try to take Sunday off every week, and aspire to be 100% technology-free on that day. I think taking a weekly technology fast gives my brain space to breathe.

2. What is the focus of your work in your organization and what do you love most about it?

I teach at the doctoral level at George Washington University. I am also a certified leadership coach and certified Healing Touch practitioner. At GW, I love seeing doctoral students experience and understand things differently, and I love it when the classroom is a container for creativity, innovation, intuition (YES!) and wisdom. I'm not sure what I'm doing with the coaching and biofield healing combination right now--ask me again in a couple years.

3. What do you look forward to as a new MSR officer? What kind of contribution would make your stint meaningful for you?

I look forward to developing relationships with MSR members; I look forward to serving the needs of emerging MSR scholars and possibly expanding MSR's scope in MBA and doctoral education globally. I would be happy to look back on my tenure as an MSR officer if I would see engaged younger scholars thriving and taking more and more leadership positions in the AOM and in their home country.

4. What's your message to the members? What's your "invitation" to them?

I believe the world needs MSR more than ever. The way I see it, all of the world's current challenges could be addressed if humanity would remember their spiritual foundation. I also think we need to consider non-human challenges in this group as well, and that understanding the deep interconnectedness of people, animals, planet, cosmos--the unity as Bohm would say--is absolutely necessary.

I invite MSR members to continue to build this community of support and resources for this important work.

Payal Kumar
Representative-at-Large for Communications

1. Tell us a bit about yourself. What makes you tick as a person, generally? What 's a good day for you?

What makes me tick is an insatiable appetite for learning, and also the desire to disseminate this learning. I am usually a highly motivated individual, but as soon as I have mastered a job, I am then itching to move onto another more challenging role. I’ve worked in four industries, and I guess that now in academics, I have finally found my true calling.

A good day for me is when I can tick off everything on my to-do list! I’m pretty much a work workaholic, working on multiple research projects at a time, with one eye on the deadlines to be met.

2. What is the focus of your work in your organization and what do you love most about it?

I am Professor and Chair HR/OB and Head of Research and International Collaborations at BML Munjal University, India. This university is fairly new in the higher education scene in India, and I love to be able to co-create, whether it's arranging for an international conference, or a webinar on how to publish in Academy of Management Discoveries. Recently I was thrilled, as we managed to successfully bid for the International Critical Management Studies conference, to be held at our university on December 2021.

3. What do you look forward to as a new MSR officer? What kind of contribution would make your stint meaningful for you?

I look forward to serving MSR as the Representative-at-Large: Communications. Through means such as the newsletter, I look forward to disseminating information about MSR globally. The present executive council is full of dynamic members that truly want to make a difference. I hope to be able to communicate far and wide about the phenomenal work they are doing.

4. What's your message to the members? What's your "invitation" to them?

I believe we need to bring the ‘soul’ back into management. For too long it has been about a limited range of stakeholders, from the shareholders to the CEOs. Stakeholders need to also include the employee, and we also need to be greatly concerned about sustainability, not only profit. While spirituality and religion are present in the workplace in various forms, it tends to be the elephant in the room, with no one really wanting to talk about it. And yet this can make a real difference to us as individuals and to the workplace.

I would invite new members to dip their toes into the MSR pool, to see what it is all about. I’m sure they will be pleasantly surprised. I know I was.

Ayesha Sengupta

1.  Tell us a bit about yourself.  What makes you tick as a person, generally? What 's a good day for you?  

I am a Doctoral Student at Maharishi International University, Iowa and I am pursuing my research in collaboration with The George Washington University, DC. I believe I am driven by compassion and positive transformation as my core principles. So what makes me tick as a person is to serve through any initiative or organization where compassion permeates the overall structure and positive transformation is the ultimate goal. 
I love to volunteer and to read. I used to volunteer at a local charity kitchen and now I am helping build a community garden for women and children. So a good day for me is when I get to devote my time and attention to volunteering as well as reading to stay updated regarding the upcoming research in my area of interest (can't have enough of that if you're in academia!) 
2.  What is the focus of your work in your organization and what do you love most about it?

I am in the third year of my Doctoral degree at Maharishi International University. What I love most about MIU is the integration of the deeper aspects of learning into a dry discipline. Therefore, the knowledge gained is connected at every level of its relevance, academic, personal, societal, as well as cosmic. 
3.   What do you look forward to as a new MSR officer?  What kind of contribution would make your stint meaningful for you?

MSR is a very warm and unique community founded and driven by members dedicated to making a difference. To be involved as the Secretary/Archivist in the Executive Team for an upcoming scholar is a great opportunity to learn and grow in several ways! I am looking forward to serving the members of MSR in every capacity and to connecting with fellow scholars as well as accomplished academicians across the globe.
4.  What's your message to the members?  What's your "invitation" to them?

Given the recent unfoldment of events globally as well as the shift in the paradigm of management research, MSR has a very unique approach to offer and I view the members as "Change Agents"! I invite them to continue this journey of positive transformation and remain connected and rooted in compassion as they have been. I am looking forward to being a part of this journey!