CALL FOR BOOK CHAPTERS: Knowledge Management in Higher Education: Strategies & Tools

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Knowledge Management in Higher Education: Strategies & Tools

Knowledge management is the conscious process of defining, organizing, retaining, and sharing the knowledge and experience of employees in an organization. The main goal of this process is directed towards improving the organization’s proficiency and better knowledge retention. Higher education globally helps in knowledge acquisition, dissemination, and learning. Improvement in existing facilities like library, e-learning materials, ICT based communication and management systems create a knowledge-based environment in higher education.

This book will present readers with different perspectives on knowledge management in higher education. Chapters from different dimensions are invited, discussing the way in which institutions will succeed and be competitive in the disruptive business world. This will help understand new knowledge management styles, changes, in new educational climate, and provide the intended audience of managers, executives, business professionals, researchers, academicians, and students a better understanding of knowledge management in higher education systems.

You may submit original research work/chapters, review articles and conceptual chapters in the domains mentioned underneath. (Plagiarism < 10%)

Topics include but not limited to the following

  • Knowledge management systems in higher education
  • The interaction between technologies, techniques and people in higher education
  • Knowledge as a strategic asset
  • Role of organizational reward systems
  • The tacit dimension of knowledge
  • Intellectual capital reporting for higher educational institutions
  • Knowledge sharing in higher education institutions
  • Knowledge management and trust in higher education
  • The knowledge worker and the divided university
  • Knowledge management trends in higher education
  • Ontologies in higher education
  • Knowledge management fatigue syndrome in higher education
  • Higher education culture and diffusion of technology
  • IT-enabled Organizational change intervention in higher education
  • Knowledge management infrastructure in higher education
  • Competitive intelligence and knowledge management
  • Higher educational strategies of knowledge management

Submission Procedure

i) Proposal Submission- Submit a chapter proposal, of 300 words or less, in MS-Word which details the chapter title, author title(s), author/s affiliation, contact information, keywords, abstract, subheads planned for the chapter, by email to

ii)Full Paper Submission- Author(s)’ short biography (max.100 words) and contact information (name, affiliation, address and email). If accepted, full contributions are expected to be a maximum of 5000-7000 words (not less than 5000 words) including references.

All manuscripts are accepted based on a double-blind peer review editorial process

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