MSR 2019 Program and Events - Boston


To review any/ all versions (at a glance & detailed) of each day of the MSR Program click this link below and then pass on the link to others you know would want to review the MSR Program – as a guide to MSR – 2019:


MSR 2019 Boston OVERVIEW - programs events and sessions at AOM Annual Meetings
( including the August 8th MSR Research Consortium and the August 13 – 16 MSR Retreat)


Friday - August 9  -  Professional Development Workshops and MSR Community Dinner


Saturday - August 10  -  Professional Development Workshops


Sunday -  August 11 –  AOM Breakfast and President's Address and Service Awards, All Academy Theme (AAT) Sessions, MSR symposium and MSR paper discussion session, MSR Business Meeting and MSR Social.


Monday - August 12  -  MSR Scholarly Program: Paper Sessions, Symposia, MSR plenary and MSR & Friends


Tuesday - August 13 –  MSR a Scholarly Program: Symposia and Paper Sessions and MSR Retreat