About MSR

The Management, Spirituality and Religion (MSR) Interest Group of the Academy of Management wants to connect with you as MSR connects many hundreds of kindred spirits across the globe in collaborating on leading-edge research, publications, dialog, and practices around the nature, role, and influence of spirituality and religion in management and organizations.

Not only are we home to many of the world’s leading academics, scholars, and researchers in this area, but our members include like-minded students, practitioners, thought-leaders, business professionals, public servants, consultants, and many others from a variety of interdisciplinary fields, institutions, and industries. We encourage you to join us in our journey and hope that you will find much valuable information and resources from this website.

Membership in MSR brings numerous benefits, including:

  • A dynamic platform for professional networking
  • Regular membership newsletters and communications
  • Retreat invitations for personal, spiritual development
  • Doctoral research support and funding opportunities
  • Invitations to participate in MSR activities at national and international conferences
  • Professional development and mentoring opportunities
  • Opportunities to submit research for publication in the Journal of Spirituality, Management and Religion (JMSR)
  • Calls for proposals for professional development workshops (PDWs) hosted at the annual AOM conference
  • Calls to submit scholarly works for publication in the annual AOM conference proceedings
  • Pracademic (scholarly and applied) tools and resources

Whether you’re a doctoral student just beginning your career, a researcher new to the areas of spirituality and religion, a seasoned scholar, a civic, religious or business leader looking to improve the spiritual leadership in your organization, or just someone interested in coming to the quiet of solitude for spiritual reflection, our friendly, inclusive, and international community offers something for everyone.