How to Join

Want to join MSR group?

The easiest way to join the Management, Spirituality, & Religion (MSR) is when you join the Academy of Management or when you renew your annual membership.  Simply choose Management, Spirituality, & Religion as one of the divisions or interest groups

If you want to join MSR in the middle of your membership year, the request must be processed manually by the AOM Headquarters office.  The easiest way to process your request is via email; just submit your request to  Please be aware of the following:

  • If your membership in MSR will replace one of your allotted complimentary memberships to divisions or interest groups, there is no charge for this substitution.
  • If your membership in MSR will be in addition to your existing complimentary division/interest group selections, you will need to pay a nominal fee to join.

For more information, please see AOM’s discussion on this topic.