2018 AOM: Call for Scholarly Program Submissions

Program Chair: Charles Thomas TackneyCopenhagen Business Schoolctackmsrspc@gmail.com 

Improving lives” is our 2018 Academy Conference theme when we meet August 10 – 14, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois (Coyle-Shapiro, September 2017). The words of the call speak to our hearts as well as minds, challenging us to evidence scholarship that can manifest compassion and charity as embodiments of authentic competitive, yet sustainable advantage. The depth of this year’s call resonates with the founding inspiration of our Interest Group, as evident in the MSR Domain Statement (Management, Spirituality, and Religion Interest Group, 2017): 

– How do we teach to the MSR context of improving client and student lives? And how might we report this in conference and writing activities?  

– Does our practitioner role challenge on matters of MSR, not merely satisfice client needs? Or have we been challenged by client needs into an MSR practitioner path? A first-person account of calling and service could be a welcome scholarly offering.  

– Will our research topics change the world by making ultimate meanings and value manifest as routine praxis in and for organizations? 

Let me highlight recent MSR research and publications that can support us as we transform our insights and inspirations to the research and writing craft of this autumn season for an Academy submission – hopefully to our MSR Interest Group: 

First, the entire MSR Executive Committee produced a “Ways and Means” document in 2016, reflecting on the years since MSR founding and offering suggestions for research methods that should strengthen our craft. This text is now available in the Journal of Management, Spirituality, and Religion (JMSR). Do look at this brief paper if you are thinking to submit; use what helps (Tackney, Chappell, Harris, Pavlovich, Egel, Major, Finney, & Stoner, 2017).  

Second, the JMSR is a great resource and prospective publication “goal” to aim at, encompassing varied styles and formats. Consider the conversational exploration of transcendental leadership (Barney, Wicks, Scharmer, & Pavlovich, 2015). More recently, JMSR offered a retrospective analysis of MSR founder interviews, along with a content analysis of 15 years of MSR award winning papers (Tackney, Chappell, & Sato, 2017). Both aspects can help orient and inspire 2018 MSR submissions with a view to deepen our Interest Group grasp of what is necessary to improve society in light of our shared interests in ultimate meaning and values. 

Third, Orneita Burton, past MSR Interest Group chair, just completed a long-term editing project, resulting in a Management Research Review Special Issue: “Innovative Research Methods in Management, Spirituality, and Religion” (Burton, Ed., 2017). The issue ranges from single-case study method to quantitative analysis, from interfaith dialogue in secular settings to criterion – predictors of employment authenticity in Sunni Islam and Roman Catholic social teachings, and from the application of critical realism in spirituality of work research to clinical intervention for research management spirituality. 

With these developments as support, we invite your scholarly papers, presenter or panel symposium submissions. We look forward to the range of teaching, practitioner, and scholarship research that will crystalize our 2018 MSR effort to “cultivate inner awareness and promote wisdom for the common good” (MSR Domain Statement). 

> Submission details: http://aom.org/annualmeeting/submission/. 

Dates to remember 

– Reviewer Sign Up Opens: late October 2017 

– Submission system opens: Tuesday, November 28, 2017 

– Submission System Closes: Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at 5:00 PM ET (NY Time) 


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