3rd annual Management Spirituality and Religion Consortium Panel Discussion (Video Archive)

The Interface between Spirituality and Business Ethics
Place and Date: Thursday August 3rd 2017 at the Doubletree Downtown in Atlanta.
Panelists: Jim Stoner, Brad Agle,  Avi Kay, Tom Culham, and Mary Finney (from the left)
Formal codes of ethics are based on normative principles that set forth ideal goals to which organizations should aspire. They determine the desired behavior among employees and managers and towards external stakeholders. However, in practice the codes of ethics cannot dictate specific behaviors, as they do not necessarily inspire genuine moral commitment and authentic moral practice to employees and managers who are called to take decisions and resolve particular ethical dilemmas. Eventually, the choice of decision and action is the self-expression of the decision-makers and depends on their individual ethicality. Questions we explored during the panel conversation were:
• How in a general way would spirituality be related to business ethics?
• How do human beings make ethical decisions?
• How can spirituality improve/enhance the ethicality of management decisions?
• What questions, thoughts or intentions could we have in dialog with other AOM division members?
• What would we like to research and are having problems researching? What is the most challenging to us?