Central to our mission in MSR is developing a robust body of knowledge through rigorous scholarship. We strive to accomplish this through theoretical and applied research, papers, publications in professional journals, other scholarly collaborations, and sharing of research funding opportunities. Here are some resources you may find useful. For more info, join our listserv.

Call for papers
An integrated web-based system that enables you to access a detailed list of call for papers in the field of management

AOM bookshelf
Books authored and recommended by AOM members

AOM article retrieval
Access to all Academy publications

Journal of Management, Spirituality, & Religion (JMSR)
The premiere journal covering topics of interest to our field

Most Promising Dissertation Awards
As part of our Doctoral and New Faculty Consortium, we are pleased to sponsor an annual Most Promising Dissertation Award. Click here for research award information and submission guidelines. If you would like to become a sponsor of the award, please contact an MSR Executive Officer.

In addition, please consider joining our Scholarship Research and Publishing Consortium. The Consortium is held on Thursday as a pre-session to the AOM conference and strives to assist scholars with collaborative research development. Click here for information and registration guidelines.


We encourage the mentoring of all new faculty as well as the refinement of MSR pedagogies by contributing any MSR-related syllabi, cases, teaching aids, and learning resources to our community. We also support the publication of career-related information and teaching opportunities both within our domain and beyond. We welcome all position announcements for posting and distribution to our membership.


Be sure to join our MSR Listserv for the latest updates on career and professional opportunities from our members and affiliated organizations.



A number of organizations conduct work and/or applied research in support of advancing MSR objectives. Join our Listserv to access our growing list of corporate, non-profit, academic, faith-based, non-denominational, governmental and non-govermental MSR-related organizations.