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If you can, PLEASE subscribe to JMSR.

Special subscription offer for MSR members: $105 per year sends $25 per subscription back to the MSR budget.

If you publish in JMSR, make sure you are a member of MSR.

From Yochanan Altman - Founding Editor, JMSR:
Here are three actions you may wish to take to aid your  journal - the Journal of Management Spirituality and Religion, as it exposes itself to the scrutiny of publishers.
1) subscriptions. 
Personal subscriptions. This is a common metric publishers check: how many personal subscribers a journal has. The cost is $105 for the year 2020. If you were to subscribe now you will get this year included in the price (i.e. two years subscription for the price of one year!), as well as full access to the whole journal collection since its first issue in 2004. And you will aid your SIG since $25 from each subscription will be contributed to the MSR SIG. Please consider subscribing today. Go to: http://www.iamsr.org/publications/subscriptions/ 
Institutional subscriptions. This type of subscription has become more difficult to attain as publishers move to selling packages of journals and libraries pull their resources together into consortia. Nevertheless, please try to get your institution to take out an institutional subscription since this metric in particular draws publishers attention. The price  of an annual subscription can be found on the journal webpage and it is costed in $, € or £, depending on your geography. https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rmsr20/current
2) citations. 
We are aiming to get listed in Clarivate Analytics Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) (the Journal is already listed in its Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI). Let me explain how CA calculate their impact factor which is the prime criterion for inclusion.  This is the formula: Citations in the census period (year x, the numerator) to papers published in the target period (years x- 1, x-2), divided by the number of citable items published during the target period (years x-1, x-2, the denominator). This means that if you have a paper that will be published this year (2019) in a journal that is listed either in the SSCI or ESCI and you were to cite a JMSR paper published in 2018 or 2017  then this will be taken into account in the IF calculations for 2019. If you have a paper going to be published in 2020 in a journal listed in SSCI or ESCI and you were to cite a JMSR paper published in 2018 or 2019 that will be taken into account for the 2020 IF score.
3) downloads.
This is a measure of the use being made of a journal and is another key metric. Please encourage your students to read the journal articles by placing them in your reading lists, referring to them in your lessons, mentioning them in your assignments.
For any questions or clarifications or if you have further ideas on how to promote the journal, please don't hesitate to contact me at prof.altman@hotmail.com
Yochanan Altman
Founding Editor, JMSR

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