MSR Most Promising Dissertation Proposal Award

2019 MSR Most Promising Dissertation Proposal Awards

The MSR Interest Group is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 Most Promising Dissertation Proposal Awards. These awards are made annually to doctoral candidates approaching completion of comprehensive exams, beginning the formulation of their dissertation topics, and/or currently performing dissertation-related research. This year, we are pleased to continue a tradition of awarding stipends to top finalists for the purpose of offsetting dissertation research and conference travel costs.

The purpose of these awards is to honor and assist doctoral candidates working in the domain of Management, Spirituality, and Religion (MSR) to develop quality dissertations that can: (1) integrate management with spirituality and/or religion, and (2) reflect novel and/or significant evidence-based theoretical and/or applied contributions to the field. As an emerging discipline of scholarship within the Academy of Management, MSR seeks to encourage quality doctoral dissertations as a springboard to ongoing contributory research and inquiry.

Submissions generally align with the MSR domain statement: “MSR explores how spirituality and religion can influence organizational dynamics and affect management outcomes. In that regard, MSR is devoted to defining the relevance and impact of spirituality and religion in management, organizations and society. Major areas of study include theory building and empirical research around the issues of faith, spirituality and religion as they influence principles and practices in management. Important contributions have been made in MSR research to better understand the meaning of work, the impact of spirituality and spiritual leadership in the workplace, the purpose of business, the affects of religious pluralism in the workplace, and the distinctive elements of individual religious and spiritual beliefs that cultivate inner awareness and promote wisdom for the common good.”

As a recipient of these awards, finalists are expected to:

  • Attend the annual Academy of Management meeting.
  • Attend the MSR Scholarship and Publishing Consortium which precedes the AOM conference. 
  • Come to the Consortium prepared to discuss progress to date on their research proposal as well as receive feedback during the session. 
  • Attend the dissertation awards presentation during the MSR business meeting. 
  • Submit a scholarly paper to MSR through the Academy of Management review process when the thesis is completed. This would normally occur within one or two years after receiving the award.

Congratulations to Our 2019 MSR Most Promising Dissertation Proposal Award Winners

Sang-won Byun - first place
Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development, University of Minnesota
Dissertation Title: “Ethical Leadership Development: An Examination of the Effects of Spiritual Practices and Intercultural Sensitivity”

Daehyeon Kim - second place
Washington University in St. Louis
Dissertation Title: “Religion and Emotional Labor: Are Religious Employees Liabilities or Assets?”

Haitao Yu - third place
Ivey Business School, Western University
Dissertation Title: “Indigenous knowledge and sustainable development: A place-based perspective”

Past recipients of these awards – 2012 - 2018 are as follows: 

2018 MSR Most Promising Dissertation Proposal Award 
First Place

Ayesha Sengupta, Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, IA

“Awakening Shakti Within: Empowerment from Within to Without”

Second Place Tie

Elva A. Resendez, Texas A&M Commerce, Commerce, TX

“Exploring Spirituality and Affective Commitment as Antecedents to OCB”

Second Place Tie

Joseph E. Barbour, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

“Intrapersonal Culture Clash: The Effect of Cultural Identity (In)congruence on Three Aspects of Decision Making”

2017 MSR Most Promising Dissertation Proposal Award 
First Place

Edward Chávez Jr., Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

"Connecting Religious Identity Salience and Ethical Decision-Making: Examining Religion’s Link to Moral Development"

Second Place

Thushini S. Jayawardena-WillisAuckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand. 

"Ethical Decision-Making in Organisations in Sri Lanka: A Buddhist Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis"  

Third Place

Mai Chi Vu, Durham University Business School, Durham, England. 

"Spiritual Leadership: A Buddhist Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability"

2016 MSR Most Promising Dissertation Proposal Award 
First Place

Andrew Lynn, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

“Theopreneurs and Purpose Disruptors: Faith-Based and Purpose-Grounded Efforts for Workplace Transformation Among Postindustrial Knowledge Workers”

Second Place

Pooya Pirmaleki, Kharazmi University, Tehran Province, Tehran

“Etiology of the Contradictory Results of Studies on Religion and Organizational Behavior” 

Third Place

Amy Nagley, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA

“Running Head: Transcendent Purpose and Emotion”

2015 MSR Most Promising Dissertation Proposal Award 
First Place

Natika Chaiyanupong, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand (Alliant International University).

“Living the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy: A Study of Thai Business Decision Makers”

Second Place

Katrin Schaefer, AUT, Auckland, New Zealand

“How Social Entrepreneurs’ Inner Realities Shape Transformational Change” 

Third Place

Kira Schabram, University of British Columbia: Vancouver, BC

“The Challenges of Enacting Meaningful Work: The Impact of Callings on Career, Creativity and Compassion”

2014 MSR Most Promising Dissertation Proposal Award 
First Place

Afra Saeed Ahmad, George Mason University, Washington, D.C.

"Implications of Revealing a Religious Identity in the Workplace"

Second Place

Shiva Taghavi, HEC Paris School of Management, Paris, France

“When Your Culture Advocates You:  The Impact of Religious Beliefs and Cultural Identity on Work Ethic”

Third Place

Faisal Alshehri, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, East Manchester, UK

“The Effect of Islamic Beliefs on Ethical Judgments of Management and Marketing Professionals: A Behavioural Business Ethics Approach”

2013 MSR Most Promising Dissertation Proposal Award 
First Place

Brad Fulton, Duke University, Durham, NC

“Bridging and Bonding: How Religious and Racial Diversity Influence Organizational Effectiveness”

Second Place

Ashwini Gangadharan, The University of Texas Pan American, Edinburg, TX

“Can I Smile with Spirit?: Towards a Process Model Associating Workplace Spirituality and Emotional Labor”

Third Place

Raymond Chiu, McMaster University - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

“Religious and Spiritual Beliefs in Organizations”

2012 MSR Most Promising Dissertation Proposal Award 
First Place

Kumar Alok, Chandragupt Institute of Management, Bihar, India

“Developing a Scale for Measuring the Triguna Construct”

Second Place

Marlon Monger, California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant International University – San Francisco, CA

“The Development of Intercultural Identities as an Untapped Resource for Business”

Third Place

Kasey Sand, University of Maryland University College, Adelphi, MD

“Mindful leadership: An Empirical Investigation into Assessing the Development of Mindful Leaders and their Influence on Workplace Stress, Employee Well-Being, and Resulting Employee Performance”