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MSR Elections open ---

  • 1.  MSR Elections open ---

    Posted 04-16-2019 17:08
    Edited by Mary Finney 04-16-2019 22:08

    Dear MSR members,

    We hope you are thriving. 

    We have an excellent selection of candidates for the four open MSR posts.  . 

    There are two valuable things to know about the voting process.

    1. First, you can visit the AOM website, look at the candidates for any DIG, leave the website without voting if you wish, and then come back later to vote.   You can make that visit and departure for any of the DIGs in which you are a member. However once you vote for anyone in a given DIG, you cannot return to that DIG  -- so you will want to complete all of your MSR voting at one time.
    2. Second, the Academy's election campaigning philosophy discourages any actions resembling  "politicking".  (Below)

    Thank you for your support of MSR and AOM.

    Warm regards,


                for the MSR Nominating Committee  -

                Joan Marques, Stacie Chappell, Charlie Tackney,  Chris Laszlo, Michael Pirson, and   Mary–– and for the entire MSR Executive Committee 

    AOM.Campaigning Philosophy

    The Academy of Management values elections that are free of active „politicking.‟ It is certainly appropriate to ask fellow members of the Academy for further information about a candidate you do not know. However, recommending candidates to others or actively campaigning is inappropriate and inconsistent with the way we operate as an association. This applies to general elections in the Academy as well as to division/interest group elections

    "Campaigning" within the Academy community is defined as attempting to influence the vote of others or promoting one candidate over another.

    The Campaigning Philosophy is based on these principles:

    All candidates are provided a level playing field. All candidates are presented to the membership in the same manner and given an equal opportunity to share their views or biographies for consideration. We seek to avoid elections in which campaigning may advantage one candidate over another.

    Candidates are elected on the merits of their service and leadership ability rather than campaign resources.

    Candidates are elected to lead the Academy or their division/interest group as a whole. We seek to avoid elections in which candidates represent coalitions campaigning on their behalf.

    An open opportunity to be nominated and fairly considered for candidacy. The Academy Bylaws require open nominations and the construction of an appropriate slate, eliminating the need for self-promotion through campaigning.

    Proper notification of members about the nomination process and the opening of elections. Announcements in newsletters, via email and on the website(s) are generated in a controlled manner, at reasonable intervals. We seek to avoid the undesirable prospect of candidates using electronic communication to inundate members with campaign material.

    Examples of "campaigning" include but are not limited to:

    Using Academy communication vehicles (e.g., listservs, newsletters, letterhead, distribution lists, AOM social networking platforms, etc.) for the purposes of endorsing specific candidates, soliciting votes on their behalf, or highlighting select candidates over others.

    With regard to personal communication vehicles, the Academy acknowledges that free speech takes place among friends and colleagues but cautions that organized support at the personal level does not reflect the spirit of our philosophy and has often been viewed negatively by recipients, disadvantaging rather than aiding a candidate.

    Using the Academy‟s Member Directory or any other Academy directory (e.g., division /interest group roster, leadership directory, databases of authors, submitters, etc.) to build distribution lists for the purposes of campaigning.

    Elected officers of the Academy or division/interest groups, or volunteers serving in appointed leadership positions endorsing candidates for office. Individuals holding such positions should also be aware that even when acting as individuals and not Academy representatives their title may be associated with a personal message despite intent to keep the two separate.

    Use of Academy funds for any activity that can be construed as campaigning.





    Michael Pirson                                                   



    Chair Elect

    Charles Tackney                                                    



    Scholarly Program Chair 

    Chair - Retreat Committee

    Stacie Chappell                                



    PDW Chair

    Chris Laszlo



    Immediate Past Chair 

    Chair - 2019– MSR Nomination/Election Committee

    Mary Finney                                          




    Denise Breaux Soignet



    Secretary /Archivist  

    Chair -  Student Membership Committee   

    Elizabeth Luckman                          



    Chair -  Research Committee

    Representative at Large

    Tom Culham                                       



    Representative at Large -Communication

    Ginger JE Grant                                  



    Representative at Large -Technology

    Sunny (Seonhee) Jeong                



    Representative at Large - International

    Richard Major 



    Representative at Large - Community Building/Membership Development

    Joan Marques                                                     



    Chair - Keeper of the Flame Committee

    MSR Special Advisor

    Judi Neal                                                         



    Chair - JMSR Committee

    MSR Special Advisor – Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion

    Kathryn Pavlovich                                      


    MSR Special Advisor – Fundraising

    Eleftheria Egel                                    



    MSR Special Advisor

    Jim Stoner