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Thanks as Chair!

  • 1.  Thanks as Chair!

    Posted 08-14-2020 12:06
    Edited by Charles Tackney 08-14-2020 12:07
    Dear MSR Members:

    Our 2020 triple-play of MSR Colloquium, Academy Conference, and MSR Retreat has ended for this year. My thanks to all for helping to plan and create the virtual events we've shared crafting and now have witnessed as an exceptional year of Academy history.

    Dick K. Philip wrote the science fiction short story, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" It is said this was an important source text for the Blade Runner. 
    At the moment, I'm looking forward to the day I no longer dream of electric AOM/MSR enactment steps and protocols. Does this make me a recovering Android?

    Best wishes,
    Charlie Tackney 

    Charles Thomas Tackney, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor, Dept. of Management, Society, and Communications
    Copenhagen Business School
    Dalgas Have 15, Frederiksberg 2000

  • 2.  RE: Thanks as Chair!

    Posted 08-15-2020 11:16
    Android, yes.  Recovering, no.

    Thank you for a fantsdicslly effective and graceful year as chair

    Warm regards,