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MSR community dinner -- authorization code

  • 1.  MSR community dinner -- authorization code

    Posted 05-23-2019 14:12

    Dear One and All,
    Greetings: apparently an authorization code is required to register for the community dinner on August 9th.

    Code: 2HNA2U

    Please use this code when registering. And register now to secure a place (and to not leave it to the last minute)!

    Thanks and see you in August.

    Chris Laszlo

    Chris Laszlo
    Case Western Reserve University
    Cleveland OH
    (703) 759-2744

  • 2.  RE: MSR community dinner -- authorization code

    Posted 07-03-2019 01:22
    Edited by Mary Finney 07-03-2019 01:22
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    Thanks Chris.

    I just registered and used the code: 2HNA2U

    The Friday evening MSR Dinner is in a restaurant in Boston.

    I went to this website to --- which is an AOM webpage for registering for  PDWs - (the few from each division that  require registration) and special events - like dinners.  See the attachment for a screen shot of the webpage for registration for the MSR Dinner.
    This is the link to that registration area:  Professional Development Workshop Registration (PDWs)  

    Scroll down until you reach the MSR area.  You will click on the Dinner and then follow directions.   If you need help contact me at finneym@ohio.edu.

    Warm regards,