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A (brief) MSR Election update, a word on the MSR work being done for the virtual AOM conference, and Fetzer news

  • 1.  A (brief) MSR Election update, a word on the MSR work being done for the virtual AOM conference, and Fetzer news

    Posted 06-04-2020 07:19
    Edited by Charles Tackney 06-05-2020 02:10
    Summer greetings:

    As Chair, and that of an Interest Group of the Academy concerned with ultimate values and meanings for management and organization studies, I first wish to write in prayerful hope that we are all - and here I mean all of humanity - spared the worst consequences of a pandemic. Some things, like taxes, cannot be escaped, as they say. But thoughtful and careful public policy may reduce other prospective sufferings less necessarily inevitable. Our nations and global organizations are learning this point in a distinctively new way.

    I've three items to note, briefly:

    1. Michael Pirson recently wrote of the MSR elections. He cited the actual vote count and noted the 30% voter participation rate. I'd like to add that our turnout bettered the AOM overall average of 25%. So, good on us. In particular, good on Michael - for helping craft and run a solid election process and then badger us to a comparatively positive participation outcome.

    As a small Interest Group within the Academy, make no mistake - that beneficial 5% turns out to be just a couple of people. And focusing on percent outcomes when dealing with very small numbers is a questionable step - as basic methods courses teach. But percentage outcomes do count in the discourse of elections. Had we been 5% below the AOM average, concerns - instead of our calm - would arise. So, a moment to thank Michael for organizing and everyone who voted us just a little above the average for doing so.

    2. The AOM virtual conference planning proceeds at speed. Those in the MSR Executive tasked with decisions and providing the decision information to the Academy are meeting once or twice weekly. As with the physical conference, scheduling and process details will be forthcoming from AOM HQ once all the DIGs have completed.

    Those who may have been designated physical conference session "chairs" or "discussants" may or may not have a chance for virtual conference duties, depending on whether sessions are virtually offered in real-time (synchronous) or not (asynchronously). Of course, this conference re-process will be a function of individual "planetary" availability.

    I am sorry to say we have no further details about this, as of JUne 4; the Academy is still planning the virtual conference. Once the information is finalized, we'll post and help with any specific functional questions.

    3. We are fortunate to have selected and welcomed a second year of Fetzer Scholars. As I understand it, the Fetzer Institute has decided to fund these Scholars to next year's AOM physical conference. This is great. In addition, a 20,000 USD grant proposal crafted by Judi Neal for virtual MSR conference activities support was recently approved by the Fetzer Institute. This will allow us to complement and highlight MSR activities in the pre-conference MSR Colloquium, post-conference MSR Retreat, and events thereafter in autumn. And here is my chance to publicly thank the MSR Scholarship Committee that has done so much work: Judi Neal (Chair), San Won Byun, Stacie Chappell, Richard Major, and Julia Storberg-Walker. Of course, as the Fetzer Institute representative, our thanks to Xiaoan Li knows no bounds.

    - Please do see the MSR newsletter from Payal Kumar for other information.
    - Send the MSR Interest Group Invite logo that Joan designed hither and yon.
    Otherwise, be well and let's remember to wash our hands,

    Charles Thomas Tackney, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor, Dept. of Management, Society, and Communications
    Copenhagen Business School
    Dalgas Have 15, Frederiksberg 2000