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OM RISE magazine Spirituality Management Society

  • 1.  OM RISE magazine Spirituality Management Society

    Posted 04-24-2020 11:22

    Dear all Please see here the second issue of the OM RISE magazine: Spirituality Management Society.

    *All Connected, Covid-19 and Leadership*

    *Keywords*: Spirituality, Management, Society


    1. *Led by what?*, Wim van de Laar          
    2. *Lokasaṁgraha: Living in Life of Service*, Prof. Dharm P.S. Bhawuk       
    3. *Bhagavadgītā and Leadership*, Dr. Victor van Bijlert   
    4. *Inspired Leadership in Times of Crisis: Gandhi's Secret*, Prof.em. Dr Ir Gerrit Broekstra (author), Milady A. Cardamone, (translator)             
    5. *Corona-positive on Arrival in China*, Stephan Dyckerhoff        
    6. *Coping with COVID-19 at Buurtzorg India*, Compiled by Prithika Prasad based on input from Barunansu Sarkar & Devjit Sarkar   
    7. *"I had Corona!"*, Radj Ramcharan       
    8. *Existential Reflections*, editorial team
    9. *Reflections on Indigenous Ideas*, editorial team

    *Curated by Sharda Nandram*, Chair Hindu Spirituality and Society, Vrije University Amsterdam

    Access full Magazine Online at: https://bit.ly/omrise-magazine-en002