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New Routledge Research Companion: Call for Chapter Contributions

  • 1.  New Routledge Research Companion: Call for Chapter Contributions

    Posted 08-20-2020 19:30

    Now that the annual meeting is behind us, the path to new scholarly works is re-emerging:

    I am inviting you to consider contributing a chapter and become part of a new and dynamic, timely compilation:

    Business with a Conscience: A Routledge Research Companion

    Editor: Joan Marques

    Adhering to the global need for increased responsibility and the call for a constructive change in the narrative of business, this Companion will serve as a critical reference work to business scholars and practitioners in various settings. This volume will include insights from the broad business spectrum, ranging from internal managerial practices to strategic applications, including international sensitivity, thus highlighting the urgency for increased awareness in business decision-making on all fronts.

    Practicing business with a conscience leaves no sector untouched, as it trickles into how we treat our employees, approach our work in general, address stakeholders, engage in accounting, financial, and production management practices, implement and manage information technology, communicate on a direct and indirect basis, and market what we stand for.

    The aim is to bring together contributing scholars from multiple business areas, but also from a variety of cultures and locations of the world, in order to achieve an appealing reference work that will find expansive appeal. Business has encountered an interesting evolution in the first two decades of the twenty-first century, with social media as a catalyst toward greater understanding regarding the critical value of soft skills, workplace diversity, change readiness, moral responsibility, sustainable awareness, and a general socially responsible mind-set. This amalgamate spirit of business as we envision it in the near and far future, has found its way in all segments of business education, research, and practice.

    The work will be divided in three sections, each addressing a critical angle of morally responsible business practices:

    1. Leadership and Organizational Behavior with a Conscience
    2. Strategic and International Management with a Conscience
    3. Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship

    I am inviting colleagues who study, teach, or write in disciplines such as business, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, history, education, and related disciplines, to submit a chapter proposal that offers enriching perspectives related to and expanding on the above.

    There is a list of chapter titles available for those who are interested in one of the sections above.

    I welcome your chapter title and brief proposal (150 words or less), to be submitted to joan.marques@woodbury.edu by August 30th, 2020 or before.

    Single or co-authored chapters are welcome, as well as works from doctoral students/candidates preferably co-authored with their research faculty.

    Please include the complete professional affiliation of all the contributing authors of the proposed chapter.

    This work has already been approved by Routledge (Taylor and Francis), a globally renowned publisher of academic books.

    I look forward to your email and to working with you.

    Warm Regards,

    Joan Marques

    Joan Marques
    Woodbury University