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JMSR: Special Issue on Spirituality and Ethics

  • 1.  JMSR: Special Issue on Spirituality and Ethics

    Posted 07-08-2019 22:32
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    Dear MSR colleagues
    Attached is a call for papers in a special issue on Spirituality and Ethics; guest edited by  Bernadette Flanagan and Laszlo Zsolnai

    Warmly Kathryn

    Short synopsis:

    Spirituality has important implications for ethics and management. (Zsolnai 2004, Bouckaert and Zsolnai 2011, Zsolnai and Flanagan 2019) Spiritually-based or spiritually-inspired ethics makes people less likely to employ moral disengagement mechanisms (Baron, Zhao, and Miao 2015) and provides them greater opportunities for effective moral functioning. In this special issue of the Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion, we are seeking contributions that provide theoretical or empirical insights on how spirituality influences ethics at the individual, organizational or institutional levels. We encourage research that elaborates on, but is not limited to, the following research questions/topics: 
    • How does spirituality contribute to the ethical commitment of economic actors to serving social well-being, sustainability, and the interest of future generations? 
    • How care as a basic human motive is related to ethics, spirituality and sustainability in mangaement context? 
    • Which are the promising spiritually driven ethical models of management in different parts of the world and how they relate to religious social movements? 
    • What is the relationship between spiritual practices and ethical economic activities? 
    • Which are the most promising fields of the economy where the marriage of spirituality and ethics brings forth new practices? 
    • How can spirituality and ethics serve the quality of organizational functioning in human, social and environmental terms? 
    • How can spiritually driven ethics contribute to the transformation of contemporary management theory and praxis? 
    • How can spirituality be introduced in ethics education of managers and business executives?  

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