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PDW: Broadening our in-sight by developing self-awareness of faculty and students

  • 1.  PDW: Broadening our in-sight by developing self-awareness of faculty and students

    Posted 07-29-2020 13:38

    * Apologies for cross posting *

    Dear all,

    As part of the 80th Annual Academy of Management meeting, we would like to invite you to the PDW session on 'Broadening our in-sight by developing self-awareness of faculty and future business leaders in the classroom'.

    Date: Aug 7th, 2020, Friday
    Time: 7:00 am Eastern Standard Time


    o   Dr. Payal Kumar, Professor & Chair (HR), Head, Research & International Relations,

    BML Munjal University | India

    o   Dr. Thomas E. Culham, Professor, Lecturer in Strategy, Beedie School of Business Simon Fraser University | Canada

    Speaker: Dr. Richard Peregoy, Associate Professor, University of Dallas | USA

    Speaker: Dr. Richard J. Major, Professor, Institut de Gestion Sociale | France

    Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth A. Luckman, Clinical Assistant Professor, Gies College of Business, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | USA

    Subtle and strong emotions arise in business and research settings, in classrooms, and in general in dialogue with others.  However, as part of our work in academia or business we are expected to be rational; emotions are not acknowledged or addressed in meaningful ways. Furthermore, faculty and business leaders' emotional states influence students' and employees' learning effectiveness and performance.

    Research tells us that leaders' emotions and self-awareness are important in relationships, motivation, learning, performance, and are at the root of what we value and experience. Therefore, it behooves us faculty and business leaders to learn how to work with our inner experience and emotions by developing our self-awareness individually and in group settings.

    The purpose and expected outcome of this PDW is to advance participants' skill in developing self-awareness and working with emotions. This is achieved by modelling behavior in a safe group setting, the collective assisting participants in managing emotion laden situations in academic life. Through demonstrations of vulnerability around our own emotional work, the panelists encourage participants to delve into an emotional space. We hope that developing greater self-awareness and modelling this in the classrooms will influence students to apply it as leaders, thereby improving the lives of students now, with a trickle-down effect to the people that they will work with in their future organizations.

    This PDW has been conducted for the last two years and has been well received. No registration is required, but we encourage you to send a line of interest to payalk1@gmail.com

    With regards,

    Prof. Payal Kumar 

    Professor & Chair (OB/HR), 

    Head of Research & International Collaborations, 

    BML Munjal University, India