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Redesigning Business Education with Stuart Hart, Henry Mintzberg, Martin Parker, Otto Scharmer

  • 1.  Redesigning Business Education with Stuart Hart, Henry Mintzberg, Martin Parker, Otto Scharmer

    Posted 08-07-2019 18:06
    Dear Colleagues,

    You are cordially invited to join this important PDW on Saturday with Stuart Hart, Henry Mintzberg, Martin Parker and Otto Scharmer.

    Session Type: PDW WorkshopProgram Session: 417 | Submission: 10713 | Sponsor(s): (MED, SIM, MSR, ITC)Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 10 2019 12:45PM - 3:15PM at Sheraton Boston Hotel in Republic A Redesigning Business EducationManagement Education, Humanism, Sustainability

    Coordinator: Michael Andreas Pirson, Fordham U.
    Distinguished Speaker: Henry Mintzberg, McGill U.
    Distinguished Speaker: Martin Parker, U. of Bristol
    Distinguished Speaker: Stuart Hart, U. of Vermont
    Distinguished Speaker: Otto Scharmer, MIT Management S School
    Facilitator: Oliver Laasch, The U. of Nottingham, China
    Facilitator: Christopher Gohl, Global Ethic Institute
    Facilitator: Chris Laszlo, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve U.

    Capitalism is in Question and so is management education. On one hand, the challenge for management education is achieving re- legitimization, particularly in the wake of corporate scandals and recent economic crises. On the other hand, management educators are challenged to fundamentally rethink the delivery of management education. A focal point of criticism has been the fact that current pedagogical models are technocratic, bureaucratic and focus on expedience over legitimacy. The material for business schools arguably support "Business as usual." Owing to a functionalist perspective that educates for efficiency and effectiveness without concern for grander social consequences, this workshop is examining old, humanistic models of pedagogy that move away from technocratic understanding of science but explores the richness of the humanities, which can lead to the integration of personal reflection, meaning creation, ethical and normative considerations of philosophical sorts, as well as the practice of rhetoric and reasoning.
    Four leading scholars and changemakers will present their insights on changing business education.

    Michael Pirson
    Chair, MSR IG Academy of Management
    Associate Professor, Fordham University,
    New York, NY