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Covid19 Survey Results

  • 1.  Covid19 Survey Results

    Posted 05-20-2020 22:44
    Dear MSR colleagues,

    Hope you are all safe and doing well. I am taking the liberty of sharing this message as Covid19 is the major issue of these times. Covid19 has impacted different parts of the globe differently. I was curious about why there are (as of yesterday) 30 times more Covid deaths in the US (90,000) than in India (3,000), even though India has 4 times more population. So, over the last couple of days I designed and conducted a Global survey to tap into the collective wisdom of the people. 66 respondents from around the world evaluated 9 factors, and ranked Demographics (Older people) with Chronic conditions, Public policy, and Immunity levels, as the more important factors. The survey also included questions on return to normalcy. Half the respondents said it will take 1-2 years to return to normalcy. See the full report at https://anilmah.com/2020/05/20/covid19-survey-us-vs-india/
    Comments and feedback are welcome! Thank you.
    Stay safe!

    Prof Anil K. Maheshwari
    Maharishi University of Management
    Fairfield, IA