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Review the MSR Program/Event/Meetings Schedule - for MSR - Boston 2019

  • 1.  Review the MSR Program/Event/Meetings Schedule - for MSR - Boston 2019

    Posted 21 days ago
    Dear MSR Members and Friends,

    MSR Program Schedules for Boston
    : Connect MSR Library - in  folder - MSR PROGRAM & SCHEDULE - 2019-Boston  for AOM's Annual Meetings in Boston - 2019.
    Click below:
    All the * Detailed Daily MSR Program Sessions and Events - and an OVERVIEW of the 6 days ( * Pre-conference - MSR Research Consortium and the 5 days within AOM Annual Meetings) and also the * MSR Retreat that follows AOM - (Aug 13th late afternoon - Aug 16th - at mid-day)

    If you are in a MSR session be sure to send out information to this MSR Discussion  - and other Divisions that would like to also learn about your session.

    Pass on this link to those you know would want to review the MSR Program:
    MSR 2019 Boston programs events and sessions at AOM Annual Meetings ( including the August 8th MSR Research Consortium and the August 13 – 16 MSR Retreat)


    Friday - August 9  - Meditation, Professional Development Workshops and MSR Community Dinner


    Saturday - August 10  - Meditation, Professional Development Workshops


    Sunday -  August 11 – Meditation, AOM Breakfast and President's Address and Service Awards, All Academy Theme (AAT) Sessions, MSR symposium and MSR paper discussion session, MSR Business Meeting and MSR Social.


    Monday - August 12  - Meditation, MSR Scholarly Program: Paper Sessions, Symposia, MSR plenary and MSR & Friends


    Tuesday - August 13 – Meditation, MSR a Scholarly Program: Symposia and Paper Sessions and MSR Retreat