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MSR survey for Global Map

  • 1.  MSR survey for Global Map

    Posted 06-11-2020 08:05
    Dear MSR member,

    Greetings from your Representative at Large for International Affairs!

    According to records, we are more than 800 members in MSR.  That's a lot!

    Wouldn't it be great if we knew where we all are in the world and more about each other as persons and as scholars/teachers?

    Help us achieve this by filling up this Google Forms survey:
    Respond to My Map Survey for MSR members

    I'm building this Google My Maps (actually a geographic information system or GIS) to show where our workplaces are located around the world and to encourage sharing of getting-to-know-you information.

    The aim is to strengthen the sense of international community and collaborative connections among our members.  This will definitely help us "Broaden Our Sights" as we prepare for the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting!

    To give you an idea of the end result we're after, look at this map based on information from your MSR Officers. Click on the pins to learn more about your officers.  You can also search by keywords to mine the map for common personal, teaching, or research interests.

    I'd love to get your responses ASAP and not later than Wednesday, the 17th.  I will show you the resulting My Map by posting it here.

    I'm really excited to know where we all are and thereby strengthen our MSR community.

    Ben Teehankee
    MSR Representative at Large (International Affairs), Academy of Management
    Full Professor, De La Salle University -- Philippines

  • 2.  RE: MSR survey for Global Map

    Posted 06-19-2020 11:15
    I'm happy to share the latest iteration of our MSR Global Map.  The officers are shown in blue and general members in red.

    MSR Global Map 

    I hope that it helps us get more connected in a generative way during these times.

    I invite all of you who are not yet on the map to respond to the survey here.

    Ben Teehankee
    De La Salle University