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Only a Few Chapter Spaces left for Routledge Volumes on 1) Inclusive Leadership, and 2) Happiness at Work

  • 1.  Only a Few Chapter Spaces left for Routledge Volumes on 1) Inclusive Leadership, and 2) Happiness at Work

    Posted 05-01-2019 23:59
    Dear respected colleagues,

    I am inviting you to consider submitting a chapter to one or both of the following forthcoming extended edited collections, to be published by Routledge (Taylor & Francis). There are only a few spaces left in each of the volumes.

    This extended collection will serve as an important reference work in regards to happiness, an aim we all aspire to achieve, yet easily overlook in today's demanding and multi-challenged world of work, or confuse with a plethora of quantifiable or career goals.

    "Happiness is such a simple concept, but we have learned to toss it on the heap of impossibilities in our lives today. Too many workforce members live with the assumption that you cannot work and be happy at the same time, or that working and doing what you love is utopic."

    This work aims to help readers internalize happiness, form a healthy opinion about this emotion, and detach it from external factors that can only cause temporary discomfort or delight in work and other settings. In order to achieve that, this collective work will consider happiness within three critical realms: internally, interactively, and work-related.

    This edited collection will consist of chapters that are of interest to a broad range of readers, those who seek input for future theory development, as well as those who seek motivation for performance in personal and professional life.


    This extended collection will address inclusive leadership, a practice for which there is high need in today's fast-paced and multi-challenged world. More than ever before, members of today's and tomorrow's workforce need to be confronted with leadership skills that will safeguard a sustainable and morally responsible future, with consideration of stakeholder voices. Today's employees are looking for leaders who believe in philanthropy and elevate their minds and actions beyond self-interest. Unfortunately, there are still too many leaders who suffer from a poor reputation and even find themselves facing lawsuits or behind bars, often leaving their former followers in dire situations, varying from loss of jobs of livelihood to loss of personal dignity, or even loss of personal safety.

    This work therefore aims to help readers understand the importance of responsible and constructive practices and behavior in leadership. To that end, it will highlight correlations between inclusive leadership and myriad issues, qualities, and circumstances that serve as foundations or impact factors to it. Contemporary concepts and challenges such as change, innovation, the bottom line, sustainability, and performance excellence will be reviewed against inclusive leadership. Similarly, critical practices and qualities such as trust, passion, ethics, spirituality, and empathy will be presented in reflection to inclusive leadership. Religious and spiritual influences will also be evaluated, with listed examples such as (but not limited to) Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism and Christianity.

    These two extended edited collections are aimed to serve as works of inspiration, motivation, and connection toward responsible work-related (and other) connections.

    For more information on chapter suggestions, style requirements and other details, please email joan.marques@woodbury.edu

    Joan Marques, PhD, EdD.

    Joan Marques
    Woodbury University
    Burbank CA