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2019 MSR Research Consortium speakers' videos

  • 1.  2019 MSR Research Consortium speakers' videos

    Posted 09-01-2019 18:05
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    Dear MSR community,

    Close to 50 participants participated in the 2019 MSR Research Consortium in Boston, focused on Qualitative research methods, with a panel of great speakers who gave us hands-on practice workshops and shared their experience and insights.
    You will find the picture album attached to this message with some of the material our presenters shared with us. We were also able to record of our presenters as well as reports from the tables during the workshops. These recordings were done from a laptop using Zoom as a recording-to-the-cloud tool, so they are low quality. You'll find some recorded times useless, as during Ian and Liz' workshop from 9 mn  to 31 mn, when people were working at tables and the recording continued. We haven't edited any of this.

    Below are the links. Anyone accessing the videos can download them (between 250 and 350 Mb each).

    MSR Research Consortium - Dr. Robert Gephart                            1 hour 26 mn


    Password: MSR2019

    MSR Research consortium 2019 - Dr. Joan Marques                     1 hour 4 mn


    Password: MSR2019


    MSR Research consortium 2019 - Drs. Ian Mitroff and Liz Denton   1 hour 4 mn


    Password : MSR2019


    MSR Research consortium 2019 - Dr. Julia Storberg-Walker           1 hour 14 mn


    Password : MSR2019

    We are looking for two or three members who have some proper recording equipment for next year in Vancouver. Our objective us to get to quality videos we can share with our community, especially those who can not travel to AOM.

    Warm regards,
    Dr.Richard J Major