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Contribute a chapter to Leadership after Covid-19

  • 1.  Contribute a chapter to Leadership after Covid-19

    Posted 08-25-2020 13:48

    Esteemed colleagues and contributing authors, Greetings from California! 

    I am pleased to inform that our book proposal has been accepted by Springer Nature, Switzerland AG. ūüôā

    We feel fortunate to have received chapter proposals from a large cadre of several key scholars and practitioners in the field. We are still accepting a few chapter proposals on the theme of Leadership and Change after COVID-19.

    Please submit chapter proposals (150 words) by Sept 5, 2020 to: satinder.dhiman@woodbury.edu

    Kindly note that the title has been revised by replacing "new VUCA" with "after COVID-19" to distinctively reflect the timeliness of this project:

    Leadership after COVID-19: Working Together Toward a Sustainable Future 
    Editors: Satinder K. Dhiman & Joan F. Marques

    Kindly see below guidelines for the submission of completed chapters: 

    Completed Chapters Due Date: Jan 5, 2021 

    Authored/co-authored individual chapters for this edited volume will comprise minimum of 5,000 to 7,500 words (multi-author chapters tend to have a higher word count generally; there is no upper word limit).

    Please strictly use the following pedagogical structure/sequence while composing your chapter:

    1. Chapter Title and Subtitle, if any.  
    2. Author(s) names and professional affiliation, including contact information [address--city, country, etc., and contact email (s)] 
    3. Abstract (150 words) & Keywords (5 ‚Äď 10)¬†¬†
    4. Text of the chapter [Overall Theme: Leadership and Change after Covid-19; If you have used the abbreviation 'VUCA' in your abstract earlier, please consider using 'after Covid-19' instead] 
    5. In-text citations in APA style (7th Edition)  
    6. Five Chapter Takeaways/lessons 
    7. Five Reflection questions 
    8. Chapter-end References in APA style (7th Edition)  
    9. 150 words contributing author (s) bio (If more than one authors, the first author will assemble the bios of all the contributors and list them at the end of the chapter ---150 words bio for each of the contributors)

    Your careful adherence to this structure will bring coherence and uniformity in the book when I prepare the layout of the book and reduce extra work at the copy-setting stage.  

    Please note that the completed chapters are due on January 5, 2021. The completed MS of this project is due to Springer on Feb 1, 2021. I will need 2-3 weeks to prepare the layout and the front matter of the book. Your early submission of carefully completed and proofread chapter (s) will help to honor this due date. 

    When you send your completed chapter to me at satinder.dhiman@woodbury.edu, please include in the subject line of your email: "Leadership after COVID-19." 

    Kindly let me know if you have any further questions. I look forward to receiving your chapter. 

    Thank you so much for your noble gift of caring for this topic so very sincerely. Our volume will be one of the first ones to be published on this important subject. 


    satinder dhiman 


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