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Join our Interactive Spiritual Practice Integration PDW

  • 1.  Join our Interactive Spiritual Practice Integration PDW

    Posted 08-02-2019 14:43

    Session 38/18975: "Strengthened Leadership/Management Through Inclusive Practices: New Research & Tools" time changed from 12:30PM-2PM in Salon CD at the MAR. 

    This workshop is based on original research demonstrating that leaders who scored high on the Benevolent Leadership Scale led from an integrated sense of spirituality that informed their leadership, decision-making, interactions with employees, and vision for the organization. The interactive nature of the workshop will introduce and explore a variety of ancient spiritual practices that are both practical in nature and relevant for today's world. Participants will have an opportunity to experience three different practices, Lectio Divina-type reflection, French Pantoum poetry writing, and the finger labyrinth, creating a platform for more reflective leadership, promoting an enhanced sense of self-awareness, operating from a place of meaning and purpose, and accessing a deeper inner, collective, and divine wisdom. Time for personal and group reflection will enhance the experience. Participants will leave with a set of tools that can be accessed at any time or place. Hope to see you there!

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