Keeper of the Flame

Flamekeeper Committee Purpose

❖Purpose: to recognize and honor founders and long-time members of MSR who have made significant contributions to the science and practice of management, spirituality and religion, and to the leadership of MSR.

❖Keeping the founding flame alive

❖Sounding board for MSR Executive Committee

❖Develop future leaders of MSR

❖Members: Judi Neal, Lee Robbins, Jerry Biberman, Richard Peregoy, Yochanan Altman and Chris Laszlo.

❖MSR Big Questions Webinar Series

❖MSR Andre Delbecq & Lee Robbins Retreat Fund

Judi Neal
MSR Special Senior Advisor
Chair - Keeper of the Flame Committee
Past MSR Chair - Founder of MSR    

Lee Robins
Past MSR Chair - Founder of MSR and Organizer - MSR Retreat

Jerry Biberman
Past MSR Chair - Founder of MSR  and Organizer -  MSR Retreat

Richard Peregoy
Past Executive Committee, Founder of MSR  and Organizer  -  MSR Retreat

Chris Laszlo 

-MSR PDW Chair - 2019;  Scholarly Program Chair- 2020;  Chair Elect  2021; Chair -2022; Past Chair - 2023



Yochanan Altman 

- An MSR Founder, Founder of JMSR, and the International Association of Management, Spirituality and Religion (IAMSR)