An Invitation (or two, or three!)

…from the MSR Mentoring Program 

MSR initiated a Mentoring Program in the Fall of 2016 with the goal to provide support to PhD students and early-in-career professors conducting research in MSR and related topics.  Since that time seven individuals have been “matched” with a mentor.  Some mentors and mentees conduct a dialogue over several months or longer; some have only one or two conversations, depending on the need.  Following is a comment from one such individual: “My mentor and I have had one skype call and she has been sending me some MSR notices via email. She gave me a lot of background on MSR and what kinds of things people are working on and she was just a great sounding board for me to kind of see if any of my ideas were viable.”

Just recently our Mentoring Program was fortunate to receive numerous responses from senior members willing to act as mentors for research guidance in MSR-related topics.  Whether you are a student or a professional, we are available to help in the area of scholarly research.  Let me know if that might be you!

A related thought: in the process of speaking to individuals about their needs, we have found that there may be other areas, in addition to scholarly research, for which a mentor can be helpful: work-life balance, career transitioning, MSR acceptance in your environment, to name a few.  So, we put this out to you: what are your career and scholarly struggles, related to MSR and otherwise?  What questions should we be asking in order to address your needs?  Let us know your thoughts!

Another thought: I will be at AOM Chicago for most of the conference; if you would like to have a brief chat in regard to any of the above, let me know, and we will arrange.

AND, last, but certainly not least, please do take note of the following two MSR events:

Do consider register and attending the free MSR Research Consortium the day before AOM, Thursday, August 9.  This is an excellent opportunity to connect with MSR folks and advance your research.  Information in the menu button “RESEARCH” and in the menu button “RESOURCEs”–  - click in the Research folders with attachments in the resources area of the microsite.


An MSR PDW on the topic “Creating a Culture of Mentoring” will take place at AOM on Saturday (18896 – 11:00am).  Several AOM divisions will participate in this informative and lively workshop.  It will be a great opportunity to network with folks who believe that a better future depends on our willingness to share whatever it is we have to give. 

Let’s connect in Chicago!

Julie Burkey & MSR Executive Committee


Julie V Burkey

Chair, MSR Mentoring Program