When:  Oct 29, 2021 from 10:00 to 12:00 (ET)
Appreciative Inquiry Working Session 1 
The goal is to engage the whole MSR community in the “Six Boats” initiative aimed at a successful MSR Division Application

Agenda for AIWS1 on October 29th at 10am to 12pm EDT:

5 min   Welcome (Leadership Track members)

5 min   Energy alignment practice (Julia)

5 min   Review of the Division Application process and intention for the six boats (Chris)

12 min Thoughts, questions, thoughts (All)

3 min x 6 boats = 18 min   Boat sponsors & crews share where they are in the launch

15 min Breakout session 1: participants are invited to join the boat that they are most drawn to. Introductions, aspirations, commitments, (Stacie to facilitate)

5 min   Plenary: participants put into chat at least one outcome they would like for the boat they chose

30 min Breakout session 2: Boats develop their intended outcomes and milestones through April 2022. The result should be a work plan with outcomes and milestones created by the crews and participants (Stacie to facilitate)

20 min Plenary: boat captains and/or reporters share the work plans

5 min   Closing thoughts


Chris Laszlo