Most Innovative JMSR Paper Award

This award is co-sponsored by the Elisabeth-Bruyère School of Social Innovation and by the Providence School of Transformative Leadership and Spirituality, Saint-Paul University.

2022 Award Winner

Bruno Dyck & Arran Caza (2021). An Exploratory Study of Corporate Singing and Organizational Culture. Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion, 18 (2), 74-99. DOI: 10.51327/MDON6306
2021 Award Winner

Small, Emmanuel (2020). How successful African-American male leaders in predominantly White organizations integrate spirituality with leadership practice. Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion, 17(2), 184–208. DOI: 10.1080/14766086.2019.1697727
2020 Award Winner

Mikaela Sundberg (2019) Work practices, normative control and ascetic responsibilization in Cistercian monasteries, Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion, 16:5, 397-412, DOI: 10.1080/14766086.2019.1641141