MSR Research Colloquium


Research Methodology with Purpose: How spiritually grounded research generates community vitality and social impact

A Global Online Community Event
July 26th and 27th
(27/28 in Oceania and parts of Asia-Pacific)

In its 21st year, we’re proud to offer this unique opportunity to connect with MSR’s transdisciplinary network of management researchers, teachers and practitioners. Much more than a standard Research Colloquium, this event will convene a community of like-minded individuals in the spirit of global consciousness through generous and inspiring dialogue as we share, explore and generate together.

Come prepared to participate

This global online event offers 20+ sessions across a 36-hour time period. You are invited to attend any / all sessions as your schedule and motivation allow. There are currently over 250 registrants from more than 17 countries.

Presenters Include:
Jerry Bieberman, University of Scranton (emeritus); Orneita Burton, Abilene Christian University; Aneel Chima, Stanford University; Tom Culham, Simon Fraser University; Vanessa Englert, VU Amsterdam; Richa Kathuria, Ambedkar University Delhi; Chris Laszlo, Case Western Reserve University; Xiaoan Li, Fetzer Institute; Richard Major, Groupe IGS, Exemplarity Management Solutions; Joan Marques, Woodbury University; Ian Mitroff, UC Berkeley; Judi Neal, Edgewalkers International; Deepa Patel, Center for Education Policy; Richard Peregoy, Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business University of Dallas; Dominic Richardson, UNICEF; Lee Robbins, Golden Gate University; Toyoko Sato, Copenhagen Business School; Michelle Scheidt, Fetzer Institute; Paul Schmidt, Living Energy Design; Jeff Snipes, Millennium School; Julia Storberg-Walker, George Washington University; Charles Tackney, Copenhagen Business School; Benito Teehankee, De La Salle University-Philippines; Chulguen (Charlie) Yang, Southern Connecticut State University; and others.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, Fetzer Institute and Simon Fraser University, there is no fee to participate.