Best Scholarly Paper Award

2023 Award Winners

Stuart A. Allen Erin Whitney G. Moore
Organizations’ Faith Dispositions and Support for Employees’ Health and Well-being during COVID-19

2022 Award Winners

Denise Daniels & Marcus Brauer
Workplace Spirituality and the Tension Between Profit and People: The ServiceMaster Case

2021 Award Winners

Nicola Dillard & Christina Walker
Black Mothers at Work: A Contemplative & Anti-Oppressive Approach to Dismantle Workplace Oppression

Shazia Nauman, Sania Zahra Malik & Farida Saleem
How Emotional Labor Harms Employee's Performance: Unleashing the Missing Links

Jorge Linuesa-Langero, Pablo Ruiz-Palmino & Dioni Elche-Hortelano
How Servant Leaders Fuel Team Effectiveness: A Multilevel Mediation Model

2020 Award Winner

Mercurio Zachary - Colorado State University
The Lived Experience of Meaningful and Meaningless Work in a Stigmatized Occupation