MSR Retreat

The Experience
This online event is a unique opportunity to explore practices from a variety of sacred, spiritual and psychological traditions that illuminate the spiritual and religious dimensions of life in management research, teaching, and practice. 

Our aim is to…

  • Prepare participants to construct research and enact practices that encourage human flourishing and global consciousness.
  • Engage in informal observational research as we experience each other’s spiritual and religious traditions and practices.
  • Co-create a space that encourages reflection, learning, and community building.
  • Draw on the creative energy and relationships formed throughout the event to look ahead to the AOM conference.

In 2023 we will build on the success of last year’s online MSR Global Retreat. This format enables greater access and, in order to keep the intimate feel of the MSR Retreat intact, we are limiting registrations to 100 people.

The Schedule
We will kick off the Retreat with an Opening Plenary where we all gather together. This will be followed by two days of practice sessions scheduled every few hours and four more whole community plenaries. These sessions will run over the entire 50 hours in order to accommodate participants in different time zones.

Our tradition is to invite retreat registrants to contribute to the program’s experiential sessions. Each session will span 30 to 45 minutes in which a participant facilitates a workshop experience or discussion on their teaching and/or sacred-tradition practice(s) (i.e. specific meditation process; the Catholic practice of the Rosary; Hindu chanting of mantras; exploring the shadow; Chaya Sadhna, the Quaker clearness committee; Aikido and yoga; art as spiritual practice; musical bowls etc.). When you register, you will be sent a link inviting your contribution – don’t be shy!

MSR Retreat in 2023

  • OPENING Plenary: 23 June 2023 - 10:00 EDT (Boston)
    (16:00 Copenhagen; 19:30 Mumbai; 22:00 Hong Kong; 2:00 Auckland)
  • CLOSING Plenary: 25 June 2023 - 10:00 EDT (Boston)
    (16:00 Copenhagen; 19:30 Mumbai; 22:00 Hong Kong; 2:00 Auckland)
  • Regular Registration: $50
  • Concession Registration (e.g. students; retired faculty): $25


Cancellation policy
Cancellations received before Thursday 1 June 2023 will be refunded in full. Cancellations received after this time will be considered donations to future MSR Scholarships.

For more information, please contact one of the members of the MSR Retreat Committee: