MSR Retreat

The Details

  • Dates: June 23-25, 2021
  • Mode: Distributed online in globally inclusive times
  • Fees: $25 for Students $50 for Faculty and other Professionals
  • Scholarships available
  • Note: If you want to register a partner/colleague who is NOT a member of AOM, they will need to create an AOM account but that does NOT require them to pay to join AOM. 

The Experience

The MSR Retreat is a unique opportunity for reflection, learning, and community building specifically designed for MSR members.  The MSR Retreat is co-created and pluralistic.  The intention is to:

  • Explore practices from a variety of sacred, spiritual and psychological traditions based on the interests of participants, and
  • To have deep inquiry and dialogue around topics of human flourishing and global consciousness that illuminate the spiritual and religious dimensions of life in management research, teaching, and practice.

We draw on the principles of Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space Technology to spend our time together. Participants are free to attend any session or withdraw if they need quiet time.

Our tradition is to invite retreat participants to contribute to the program's experiential sessions.  This year, each session will span 30 to 90 minutes in which a participant facilitates a workshop experience or discussion on their teaching and/or sacred-tradition practice(s) (i.e. yoga, meditation, classroom activity, dialogue facilitation, music and the arts, etc.).

The Rhythm of Our Time

We're holding an intention for participants to bring the spirit of 'being on retreat' to their lives during the totality of the program.  Each person's experience will have a unique rhythm in their day/week depending on your global time zone but everyone will share a mix of whole-group circle, break out sessions, and personal time.

The 2021 MSR Retreat will begin with an opening ceremony for the entire group on June 23rd at 9am EDT.  The middle two days will consist of sessions scheduled around the clock to facilitate global participation - a blend of Whole Group Plenary sessions, optional workshop offerings, and opportunities to engage in private or small group inquiry and reflection. And on the final day we will gather to draw on the creative energy and relationships formed throughout the event to focus on our future research projects.

Given the opportunity to evolve this year's MSR Retreat to a 'distributed' format and the remarkable circumstances bringing us together on a global scale, this chance to gather the MSR Community in Retreat together is more important than ever and we know you will experience deep fulfilment through participating.

Respectfully yours,

The Retreat Organizing Team