Join MSR

Join MSR

Three different options for how you can join MSR 

Please see # 3 (below) for how to join the  MSR Connect Community Discussion - if you are not a member of AOM or MSR can create a FREE AOM account and then join the MSR.

1. If you are AOM member and you choose to join MSR - you are automatically signed up for MSR, Congratulations!

You have automatically been added to the Connect MSR community and you do receive and can send discussion postings under MSR. No action is required on your part.  Be sure to create your full profile within Connect and chose how you want your emails to arrive: example....  in "real" time,  .... in a daily MSR discussion digest, weekly digest or to get no emails ( and keep up with the discussion by viewing the discussion on the MSR website.

2. If you join AOM member and want to sign up for MSR, you can choose MSR as one of your 2 division/interest group choices with no extra cost.

If you already are a member of AOM and have already chosen 2 groups .... just a reminder: you can always join more than two groups.  If you have 2 already and want to add MSR – the cost to join MSR now – is $7.00 annually.

3. If you are not a member of AOM but interested in a Free option for joining MSR and/or if you know others who are interested in the MSR field and would like to join the MSR group discussion and use and/or contribute to MSR Connect library of resources without joining AOM - There is a way to join with NO COST

You and/or others will need to go online and create a profile at AOM (follow steps below) -  with your name and other relevant information.  After you complete this... you go to  and to the menu button at the top of the website called "COMMUNITIES" and scroll down to the Management, Spirituality and Religion (MSR) Group and click on "Join". 

If you want to post a new discussion thread or enter the library go to  - scroll down again to MSR and select Discussion or Library from the menu bar on the right side of the page.  

You can also complete your profile and select how you want your MSR Discussion emails to come to you -
for example 
1.   in real-time   

2.   in a daily MSR email discussion digest --
3.   in and several other options.
4.   in weekly MSR email discussion digest --

Click the link below: (if the link below does not work, use this

Create Account Community 

Once you create an account, go to Communities/ All Communities.
how to create AOM account
You will see MSR group on the list and click Join. Once you join you can do all of the following: 
1. you can post new discussion threads,
2. reply to discussions, add attachments to discussions posts,
3. read all archived discussions, and
4.- access all MSR forums and library resources.  

Help us build a strong and vibrant MSR Culture of Discussion on Connect.  With your generous engagement, you will help to build MSR and the MSR field.

find MSR on the list