Annotated Bibliography on Spiritual Leadership

09-09-2018 00:55

In 2016, a workplace spirituality bibliography was commissioned by Fetzer Institute and compiled by Judi Neal, with input from numerous colleagues around the world. The purpose of that bibliography was to list scholarly articles in the field of Workplace Spirituality that are seminal articles as well as current articles that report on personal and organizational outcomes of workplace spirituality. That list served as the source for this subset of references that focus on spiritual leadership. This list is intended to be useful to scholars, practitioners, and faculty.


The goal of this annotated bibliography is not to be a complete listing of every article or book that has ever been published in the field. Instead, every effort was made to select references that have been frequently cited or have contributed to the field of workplace spirituality in a significant way.


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09-19-2018 08:21

Thanks, Judi, this is hugely helpful

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