Overview of Workplace Spirituality Research

09-01-2018 18:47

This literature was commissioned by Fetzer Institute and conducted by Judi Neal.

The purpose of this report is to understand the role spirituality plays in the workplace. The focus of this literature review is on research as well as on organizational practice. There are five major sections of this report:  (1) Historical background and trends, (2) Research methodologies, (3) Organizational exemplars of workplace spirituality, (4) Spiritual practices in the corporate sector, (5) Outcomes research, and (6) Recommendations for future research in the workplace spirituality domain with a special focus on research that might be undertaken by Fetzer Institute.

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10-02-2018 13:03

Thank you Judith for this "tour de force" you have accomplished in this report. It is indeed a very informative paper about workplace spirituality field both by its breadth and depth analysis as well as thanks to its historical perspective with useful insights for future research. Thank you again.

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