Teaching for Creativity - Webinar

When:  Dec 2, 2022 from 10:00 to 11:30 (CT)
Dear Colleagues,

MSR is holding a series of webinars throughout the year inviting a broad range of scholars to help advance the development of a research and pedagogical paradigm to investigate the impact of spirituality and religion on management. The next webinar will be on Teaching for Creativity. Here is a one minute teaser video: Tuning the Student Mind Trailer on Vimeo

Please join us this Friday on Friday December 02, 2022, for 90 minutes at 8:00 am (Vancouver); 10:00 am (Chicago); 11:00 am (New York); 9:30 pm (India); to participate in a conversation on 'Teaching for Creativity' led by Dr. Molly Beauregard.

Join Zoom Meeting: https://miu-edu-online.zoom.us/s/6658694783

Dr. Molly Beauregard is faculty member at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and the co-director of the Program in Creativity and Consciousness at the University of Michigan. She is the author of Tuning the Student Mind: A Journey in Consciousness-Centered Education (SUNY Press). A long-time mediator in the Vedanta tradition, Molly is also a certified instructor of the Primordial Sound technique.

Teaching for Creativity

Join Professor Molly Beauregard for a stimulating conversation and inspiration.  Her semester long course, Consciousness, Creativity, and Identity, marries the spiritual and the theoretical, integrating meditation and self-reflection with more conventional academic curriculum.  Amidst these unprecedented and trying times, her principles and teaching practices are particularly relevant for students and professionals alike.  Join us to hear her story and participate in an engaging discussion on the benefits and the process of consciousness-centered curricula in higher education.


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