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  • You are invited to the following event: AN INTELLECTUAL SHAMAN CONVERSATION WITH BOB QUINN: MAKING THE WORLD BETTER THROUGH OUR TEACHING AND RESEARCH Event to be held at the following time, date, and location: Tuesday, May 28, ...

  • Thank you, Judi!  Having all of the links in one place makes organizing our AOM schedules so much easier. ------------------------------ Elizabeth A. Luckman | MBA | PhD Senior Researcher in Leadership and Executive Development National Center for Professional ...

  • Please see the attached announcement that lists the recipients of the MSR Fetzer Scholarship for Doctoral Students and New Faculty.  We look forward to welcoming these emerging scholars to all of the major MSR events at the Academy of Management. We ...

  • Dear MSR Community, Even though I am an old-timer in MSR, every year I struggle to find the registration links to all of the MSR events that I would like to attend.  This year, as we welcome a large influx of emerging scholars, as a result of the Fetzer ...

  • The Ethics Education Committee of the Academy of Management is recognizing exemplars of ethical conduct via three awards focused on graduate student development. The 2019 awards will be announced, and presented in person, at the annual conference in Boston, ...


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    Published by William L. Sparks

    This article examines the legacy and impact of Jerry B. Harvey on the field of organizational behavior in general, and on the author specifically. After a cursory review of some of Harvey’s most well-known and controversial writings, or “meditations” as he called them, the author recounts a very personal episode with Harvey during his time as a doctoral student at George Washington University. A detailed account of the exchange between teacher and student is provided, and the broader implications of this experience are explored.

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    MSR / Europe

    Greetings: The MSR / Europe regional network launched at a Zoom session on Wednesday, March 6, 2019. At that session, a key "take-away" had to do with interest in participating together in a European conference. This is both ironic and instructive. Ironic ...

  • MSR / Europe Regional Network Launch: Wednesday 6th March 3:00-4:30 pm CET. Be sure to register for this meeting: This Zoom session will be recorded.   Agenda: ...

  • Improving lives - Experience, Compassion, Engagement MSR Profiles at the Academy of Management 2018 This year, MSR & Friends, will bring together members of the AOM community to share and explore current, near-term, and possible long-term joint ...

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